Five decembers ago, my darling mother gave me Ann Voskamp’s book One Thousand Gifts. Ann Voskamp is first of all An Angel, and second of all most of what I hope to be as a wife, mother, and woman. On a whim, she took a dare from a chain email to write down 1,000 things that she was thankful for in one year. It changed her life. So she wrote a book about it.

About eucharisteo – a Greek term for life-filling gratitude.

Her words have shaped my life, too. Since January 2012, I have kept my own list of 1,000 gifts and searched for ways to share this gift of Counting Gifts. In college, her ideas showed up in several papers and projects – one of which was for my darkroom photography class during that spring semester of 2012. The page above is the Artist’s Statement I turned in with this project. The assignment – the brainstorming, the photographing, the hours spent in the darkroom, the presentation in class – turned out to be a very holy experience.

I write this list for me and God. No one else. But I loved sharing it with my photography class that day. And year laters, I still find myself wanting to share it with others. I want to share it with anyone who may stumble upon this little page of the internet. Every Tuesday, I post a photo that captures one of the gifts on my list. A few will be film prints from this project, and most will be digital images I’ve taken since. But all will be gifts from God to me to you. (And you can look at all of them right here)

Also – to answer your question – there is no significance to Tuesdays, except that I like them.